Palmistry is an ancient practice where people examine the wrinkles on the palms of the hands to determine one’s present status and what may be in store for that person in the future.

While some people are firm believers in the art of fortune telling by reading one’s palms, there are also other people who doubt its authenticity. However, with penis enlargement, the future of your penis size truly can be determined by one’s hands and palms.

There are many options that men have at their disposal to enlarge their penises. Everything from mechanical devices, pills, creams, patches, and even magnets. Surgery is also an option for those who are truly courageous. Some of these techniques have been proven to result in some gains in girth and length for men. Sadly, most of these techniques aren’t really rewarding for men who wish to grow as much as they can.

Which brings us to Natural (Organic) Penis Enlargement and Palmistry. You see, a man can simply use his own two hands to stretch, manipulate, squeeze, and other methods to encourage his penis to increase its size. This form of Organic exercising simply uses a man’s two hands to accomplish this work. And what better friend to help a man enlarge himself than his own two hands? Truly, these two parts of a man have had more contact with his reproductive organ than any other part of his body. The relationship starts at a very early age for every man and lasts a lifetime.

Hence the reason why the future of your size issues is truly a form of palm-istry; meaning that by using this method, you can predict that your future for increased-size potential is truly reflected in your palms.

Interestingly enough, “Man” is the only primate (apes, moneys, etc.) that does not utilize a bone in his penis to create an erection. All other primates do. It should also be noted that Man is also the primate with the most opposable thumb. Scientists believe that this has allowed Man to evolve more than any other ape, as we can do much more complex and skilled activities because of our specialized thumb. It should be noted, too, that when exercising the penis, this special thumb comes in quite handy. Without it, we’d be all thumbs when trying to increase our penile size.

Men interested in such techniques are encouraged to seek out information on what program suits them best. Iron Man Penis – The Russian System is a book well-worth reading and keeping to get the most out of your latent abilities.


Georg von Neuamnn

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